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Bra Strap Sizing

Each one of us is different so the length of your C-krits beaded bra strap is important. Our bra straps are beaded on an elastic string so there is a bit of stretch, but you donít want your strap to be too loose as it might slide off your shoulder or stretched too tight that the string is exposed.

C-Krits Beaded Bra straps come in 2 standard lengths, 15.5 or 17 inches. The length is dependant on the shape of your bra. Some bras have a triangle shaped cup and other are more straight cut. Determine what shape bra you have, the 15.5" length works well with triangle shaped bras and the 17" with the straighter cut shapes.

If you are not sure, measure your strap using the Strap Measuring instructions below.

Strap Measuring Instructions

To figure out what length C-krits beaded bra strap you need please follow these steps:

  1. Using your existing removable strap, adjust the length to what fits you comfortably.
  2. Remove the strap from your bra and measure the length of the fabric. Do not include the hooks in your measurement.
  3. Take off half an inch from your measurement.
  4. This will be the length you need for your C-krits beaded bra strap.


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